Panel of judges

Real Message from a Judge

Addressing new challenges actively without being discouraged by the severe environment. The spirit and enthusiasm are just treasure.

"The Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award" was established in 2005 to discover and introduce to the world the people who directly engage in "monodzukuri" that supports the industry and culture and have achieved successful results making use of prominent technologies and ideas. In July of last year, "The Third Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award" was presented to 590 people for 109 awards.

As many as 679 applications were made for the third award regardless of the global recession. I was deeply impressed again by the spirit and enthusiasm of the people who is addressing new challenges actively without being discouraged by the severe environment so that monodzukuri will be further sophisticated. The experts for screening applauded the entries, saying "We can see all of them put a lot of effort into their works so the selection is difficult" and I reaffirmed the impressive manufacturing ability of Japan.

There are various episodes of troubles and frustrations behind the "mono (products)" manufactured by the masters of monodzukuri. Every master had different troubles. After continuous effort as well as trial and error, they have manufactured a number of splendid products and technologies.

The winners of The Third Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award include a company that once had been on the verge of closing its business but manufactured a unique product due to a change in thinking, and now the company receives orders from worldwide companies. And another company developed an advanced invention inspired by traditional architectural technologies in Japan.

Currently the Japanese domestic market has reached maturity due to the aging society with a falling birthrate, and Japan is facing severe challenges such as estimation of growing resource and environmental constraints as well as increased competition worldwide. However, it is important to consider this change as a chance and create next-generation industries and develop new markets by using our high technological skills for manufacturing and our ability to solve problems as leverage, aiming to develop further.

The government also needs to strengthen various measures for technology development, human resources development, promotions, and others in order to support the diligent efforts of the people engaging in manufacturing. We aim to publicized widely across the world the superior technologies and creative abilities of Japan through "The Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award," and appeal for the recognition of the significance of "monodzukuri," which serves as a foundation for creation of added value.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will strive to realize a society where the people renew their awareness of importance of "monodzukuri" and become interested in it.