General Machinery

Related Associations

(1) General Machinery

Japan Automatic Controls Industrial Association 03-5397-3583
Japan Bakery and Confectionery Machinery Manufacturers' Association 03-6673-4568
The Japan Bearing Industry Association 03-3433-0926
Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association 03-6809-5010
Japan Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association 03-5405-2288
Japan Construction Machinery and Construction Association 03-3433-1501
Japan Association of Defense Industry 03-6743-6755
Japan Die Casting Association 03-3434-1885
Japan Elevator Association 03-3407-6471
Japan Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Association 03-3433-0415
Japan Fire Alarms Manufacturers' Association 03-3831-4318
Japan Fluid Power Association 03-3433-5391
The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association 03-5484-0981
Japan Forming Machinery Association 03-3432-4579
Japan Foundry Society, Inc. 03-3432-2991
Japan Industrial Association of Gas and Kerosene Appliances 03-3252-6101
Japan Heating Industrial Association 03-3219-2561
Japan Industrial Furnace Manufacturers Association 03-3681-0561
The Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers 03-3434-6821
Japan Land Engine Manufacturers Association 03-3260-9101
Japan Machine Accessory Association 03-3431-4103
Japan Machine Tool Builders' Association 03-3434-3961
Machine Tool Engineering Foundation 03-5731-0709
Japan Machine Tool Importers' Association 03-3501-5030
Japan Association of Medical Devices Industries 03-3816-5575
Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association 03-6222-2275
Association of Japan Plastics Machinery 03-3542-8575
Japan Printing Machinery Association 03-3434-4661
The Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association 03-3432-1671
Japan Robot Association 03-3434-2919
Japan Sewing Machinery Manufacturers Association 03-6435-8190
Japan Textile Machinery Association 03-3434-3821
Japan Vacuum Industry Association 03-3459-1228
The Vacuum Society of Japan 03-3431-4395
Japan Valve Manufacturers' Association 03-3434-1811
Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association 03-3431-7443
The Japan Woodworking Machinery Association 052-261-7511