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Related Associations

(6) General Economy, Trade, Industry, Promotion and Others

Name Phone
Advanced Machining Technology & Development Association 03-3501-6701
Japan Amusement Machinery Manufacturers Association 03-3438-2363
The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry 03-3283-7823
Japan Consulting Institute 03-3213-8551
Japan Association of Corporate Executives 03-3211-1271
Earth Remote Sensing Data Analysis Center 03-3533-9381
Kansai Economic Federation 06-6441-0101
Japan Economic Foundation 03-3580-9291
Japan Federation of Economic Organizations 03-3279-1411
Economy, Trade and Industry Statistics Association 03-3561-2974
The Energy Conservation Center, Japan 03-5543-3011
Engineering Advancement Association of Japan 03-3502-4441
Japan External Trade Organization 03-3582-5522
Japan Foreign Trade Council, Inc. 03-3435-5952
Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization 03-3453-5633
Japan Industrial Location Center 03-5512-8711
Japan Industrial Technology Association 03-3591-6271
Japan Information Processing Development Corporation 03-3432-9371
Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association 03-5500-2610
Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan 03-5978-7500
Interchange Association 03-5573-2600
Japan International Cooperation Agency 03-3346-5311
Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation 03-3502-5421
The Japan Iron and Steel Federation 03-3279-3611
Japan-China Economic Association 03-3263-8911
Japan Keirin Association 03-3582-3311
The Machine Industry Memorial Foundation 03-5474-6111
Japan Machinery Center for Trade & Investment 03-3431-9507
Japan Machinery Importers' Association 03-3503-9736
Japan Management Association 03-3434-6211
Manufacturing Science and Technology Center 30-5472-2561
Japan Marine Science and Technology Center 0468-66-3811
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers 03-5360-3500
The Mechanical Social Systems Foundation 03-3454-1311
Mellow Forum 03-3454-8541
Micromachine Center 03-5835-1870
Japan Motorcycle Racing Organization 03-3503-6421
New Media Development Association 03-3457-0671
Japan Institute of Office Automation 03-3434-6677
Optoelectronic Industry and Technology Development Association 03-5225-6431
The Association for Overseas Technical Scholaship 03-3888-8211
Japan Patent Attorneys Association 03-3581-1211
Japan Patent Information Organization 03-5690-5555
Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance 03-3433-0351
Japan Productivity Center for Sccio-Economic Development 03-3409-1111
The Institution of Professional Engineers, Japan 03-3459-1331
Japan Society for The Promotion of Machine Industry 03-3434-8224
Japan Quality Assurance Organization 03-3583-9001
R&D Institute of Metals and Composites for Future Industries 03-3459-6900
Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry 03-3581-6401
Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry 03-3535-4881
Tokyo Metropolitan Small Business Promotion Agency 03-3251-7881
Special Steel Association of Japan 03-3669-2081
Japanese Standards Association 03-3583-8001
Japan Tariff Association 03-3263-7221
WTC Japan Trade Leads 03-3435-5669