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Related Associations

(5) Metal Products, Castings and Forgings

Name Phone
Abrasive Cloth and Paper Association
Japan Aluminium Association 03-3538-0221
Japan Cast Iron Foundry Association 03-3432-2991
Japanese Association of Casting Technology 03-3572-6824
Japan Cemented Carbide Tool Manufacturers' Association 03-3851-1943
Japan Chain Association 03-3221-5606
Japan Copper and Brass Association 03-3542-6551
Japan Association of Corrosion Control 03-3434-0451
Japan Die & Mold Industry Association 03-3433-6536
The Fasteners Institute of Japan 03-3434-5831
Japan Forging Association 03-3241-7661
Japan Gear Manufacturers Association 03-3431-1871
Japan Grinding Wheel Association 03-3431-5644
Heat Treatment Trade Association of Japan 03-3431-5420
Japan High Grade Cast Iron Association 03-3431-1375
Japan Hydraulic Gate & Penstock Association 03-3591-9046
Industrial Diamond Association of Japan 03-3580-0849
Japan Industrial Furnace Manufacturers Association 03-3861-0561
Japan Industrial Saw and Knife Association 03-3431-2482
Ingot Case & Roll Association 03-3434-3549
The Japan Iron and Steel Federation 03-3669-4811
Zen-Nihon Kikai-Kougusyou Rengoukai 03-3456-0831
All Japan Machinise Hand Tools Manufacturers Association 06-6268-5110
Japan Malleable Iron Society 03-3431-4062
The Materials Proccess Technology Center 03-3434-3907
Japan Metal Stamping Association 03-3433-3730
Japan Pipe Fittings Association 03-3564-2035
Japan Powder Metallurgy Association 03-3862-6646
The Japan Small Cutting Tools' Association 03-3433-6891
Japan Spring Manufacturers Association 03-3251-5234
Japan Association of Steel Bridge Construction 03-3561-5225
Japan Steel Castings and Forgings Association of Japan 03-3255-3961
Japan Steel Constructors Association 03-3535-5078
Japan Steel Tower Association 03-3591-4035