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Related Associations

(3) Transportation Equipment

Name Phone
The Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies 03-3585-0511
Japan Auto Parts Industries Association 03-3445-4211
Japan Auto-Body Industries Association 03-3213-2031
Automobile Business Association of Japan 03-3231-1915
Japan Automobile Importers Association 03-3222-5421
Japan Automobile Machinery and Tool Manufacturers Association 03-3431-3773
Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association 03-3211-8731
Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. 03-5219-6651
Japan Automobile Research Institute 30-3293-9123
Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc. 03-3262-8211
Japan Bicycle Promotion Institute 03-3582-3311
Japan Industrial Vehicles Association 03-3403-5556
Japanese Marine Equipment Association 03-3502-2041
Japan Material Handling Association 03-5958-5381
Japan Overseas Rolling Stock Association 03-3201-3145
Japan Association of Rolling Stock Industries 03-3257-1901
Japan Ship Exporters' Association 03-3502-2094
The Shipbuilders' Association of Japan 03-3502-2010
Japan Vehicle Inspection Association 03-3585-3395